Pole Dancer Gets Concussion After Falling On Head

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The painful moment a pole dancer was left with concussion after falling onto her head has been captured on camera.

Dineke MInten, who has been practicing pole dancing for five years, has showcased her most epic fails by putting together a video compilation which show dozens of her falls.

But the final few seconds of her video show Dineke’s worst fall – something that left her with concussion.

It shows the pole dancer awkwardly landing on her head while trying to perform a trick.

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How To Pole Dance (feat. Markiplier)

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JackSepticEye and Markiplier learn the way of the pole
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Ozzy Man Reviews: Pole Dancer vs Cat

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Here’s me commentary on a cat becoming a pole dancing coach. All source videos are via Eveline Lindstedt:

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Plus Size Pole Dancer Is Teaching Women Body Confidence

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Plus Size Pole Dancer Is Teaching Women Body Confidence. The Wizard of Odd TV meet up with Eda Marbury to see her moves on the pole. Eda’s rise to the top is remarkable as she has only been dancing for five years and never did any form of exercise before. Eda has always had issues with her body and went a year without looking in the mirror. Eda is now taking her past experiences and teaching other curvy women body confidence with fitness, pole sports and to be body positivity in her pole dancing classes. Curvy model and body positive education is her top priority.


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