Glitter & Dragon Wolf • Fetish – A 2nd Valentine’s Affair – Pole Dance

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S & S Productions presents: Glitter & Dragon Wolf The Belmont in Austin, TX.
Video of a 3rd party performance in a public venue. Music choice was made solely by the performer.
Video © 2019 Pat O’Neil and S & S Productions

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Pole Dancer Gets Concussion After Falling On Head

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The painful moment a pole dancer was left with concussion after falling onto her head has been captured on camera.

Dineke MInten, who has been practicing pole dancing for five years, has showcased her most epic fails by putting together a video compilation which show dozens of her falls.

But the final few seconds of her video show Dineke’s worst fall – something that left her with concussion.

It shows the pole dancer awkwardly landing on her head while trying to perform a trick.

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Top 10 Beginner Pole Dance Moves [Part 2]

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If you’re looking for beginners pole dance moves, you’re in the right place! This video is a follow-up to my previous pole dance beginners moves video here:

You can work on these pretty spins and climbs along side the ones in my previous video.

When I say pole dance beginner, I wouldn’t teach these all on your first ever pole lesson, but more so in the first few weeks and months of poling.

The beginners pole dance moves in this video are:

1 – Inside step
2 – Inside hook
3 – Extended fireman
4 – Closed cross leg fireman
5 – Skater hold
6 – Front hook
7 – Forwards crucifix
8 – Sunwheel spin
9 – Elbow pirouette
10 – Outside step to arch

I hope you like this video, and thank you for watching. Which of the above is your favourite beginner move?


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