Pole Dancing Progress & Drama???

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People will forever judge you so why not do what you want anyway?
Check out the latest tea & my pole dancing progress!
People will forever judge you so why not do what you want anyway?

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Pole Dancer Louis Sue AMAZED David Foster | Asia’s Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

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Louis Sue definitely showed the crowd that pole dancing is more than a dance, but a beautiful form of art.

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How to do a Phoenix Tutorial – Pole Dancing Tutorials by @Elizabeth_bfit

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How to do a Phoenix Tutorial on the pole. This is an advanced pole transition but…..you do not need to have a solid handspring before starting on the prep for this advanced transition. I would encourage you to watch the tutorial and start working on the spin prep for the Phoenix if you have strong one arm spins. Then when you have mastered your handspring the two parts will come together to make a beautiful phoenix spin transition to handspring. For those of you that have a solid handspring but have struggled with this transition, take a step back and focus on just the spin prep. It is developing the spin and timing of the first part that is crucial to making the overall transition work relatively effortlessly (otherwise it ends up being a straight up deadlift).

If you are still working towards your handspring or don’t even know where to begin don’t worry! I have a complete online workshop available to walk you thru the step by step process of safely working towards training and strengthening your handspring, iron-x, and deadlift. Download my online workshop at: www.elizabethbfit.com/onlinetraining/

Please hit that subscribe button for my YouTube channel and catch all my upcoming tutorials as well as all things pole, aerial, contortion, and calisthenics! For more tips, tutorials, online classes and training ebooks go to: www.elizabethbfit.com

Try this move out and please tag me in your endeavors with @elizabeth_bfit and #elizabethbfit. If you are having trouble with the move please post your videos and ask your questions and I will give pointers and tips as needed. If you have any questions about this tutorial please leave your comments below and I would love to answer them. If you have any requests for future tutorials please leave them in the comments below!

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Glitter & Dragon Wolf • Fetish – A 2nd Valentine’s Affair – Pole Dance

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S & S Productions presents: Glitter & Dragon Wolf The Belmont in Austin, TX.
Video of a 3rd party performance in a public venue. Music choice was made solely by the performer.
Video © 2019 Pat O’Neil and S & S Productions

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Lewis learns to pole dance

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After realising he didn’t have any hobbies, triple j presenter Lewis Hobba asked listeners what he should try out. The first episode of Hobba’s Hobbies: Pole Dancing!

Lewis learns firefighting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TjIdNrWvp4
Lewis learns beekeeping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPnsf1pZKf0

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Chinese kindergarten principal fired after pole-dancing fiasco on opening day

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A kindergarten principal in southern China’s Guangdong province has been fired after she allowed pole dancers to perform on the opening day of the new school year, in front of children. The fiasco has sparked widespread anger, both among parents and online.

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China kindergarten principal fired over pole dancing show

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A kindergarten in Shenzhen, China caused outrage after showcasing a pole dancing performance in front of pupils on the first day of school on September 3. The principal was sacked on the same day for the improper show.

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ProKnoHow | Rachel Tolzman | Pole Dance | Start To Move | Trailer

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Trailer for episode #8 of ProKnoHow, a short documentary series on athletes. PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE.

This episode’s participant is pole dancer Rachel Tolzman. Originally from the US, Rachel now lives in London and represented The United Kingdom at the 2018 World Pole Dance Championships, placing 3rd. She is also a previous Miss Pole Dance UK, winning the title back in 2017.

Full episode coming soon!


Hey Now – MK2

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