Pole Dancing 101

Have questions about pole dancing – wondering what the hype is all about? Check out our list of hand selected pole dancing videos that will answer many of the questions you have and hopefully entice you into wanting to learn more more about this erotic, aerobic, and taboo exercise routine.

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Recommended Videos For Beginners:

? Pole Dance Workout for Beginners – – Pole Dance Workout for Beginners. There’s a lot more to pole dancing than meets the eye. ? Beginners Pole Dance Routine VERY SIMPLE (First Pole class) – Pole Dance Workout for Beginners – – If you think that you don’t know enough moves to create a pole routine, you’re wrong. You can use the simplest moves, and you don’t need more than 3. ? Top 10 Beginner Pole Moves – There are so many amazing beginner moves, spins and holds out there. I love them all, but wanted to share my favourite 10 beginner moves with you.

Pole Dance Stretches:

? Stretching Exercises for Flexibility – Pole Dancing Stretches – If you need some stretching exercises to increase your flexibility, we show you the best warm up routine brought to you by our pole dancing team, as you can see they are highly flexible and are preparing for a great pole dancing class. ? Stretches for the Inflexible! Complete Beginners Flexibility with Nico | Dance, Gymnastics, Splits – Nico shares stretches for people who think they aren’t flexible to help improve flexibility for dance, cheerleading, gymnastics and more.

Advanced Pole Dance Techniques:

? Advanced pole tricks –
Other Resources:

1. Polepedia – PolePedia’s mission is to promote the art of pole dancing by providing a consolidated community-based resource.
2. SubReddit Pole Dancing – A place for all things pole fitness related. Members of all shapes, sizes, genders and levels are welcome to post, learn, discuss and share!
3. More Pole Dancing Videos – Pole dancing techniques, news, and trending videos.

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