My Anorexia & Pole Dancing Story

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3 years Anniversary at Pole Infinity, the day I also shared my video – i am grateful to anyone who ever believed in me & shared my story – What a journey I’ve been on but I would not be alive today without Karen Baldwin she has got me through things nobody will ever know or understand but family, Thank you for being my inspiration & coming into my life helping me start this journey I never new was possible & never did I think I would ever be alive to this day & make it this far in my journey, you are the most special person to come in my life the reason I am still alive today I couldn’t ever have done it on my own without a therapist / instructor like you to me you are the best in the world I am so lucky & I have such a special place in my heart for you always & forever – just shows you can do anything by focusing on what you love & not focusing on numbers on scales – challenge your body before it challenges you – lastly i just want to add one thing my Daddy taught me it was to never give up, he is my Hero, My fighter, I know he will be proud of me from heaven. ??❤️ Xxx

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