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Most COMMON OBJECTIONS to attending Class
17/6/2015 Comments

10 most COMMON OBJECTIONS to attending a Pole Class!

1. “I don’t have Upper Body Strength”
Well neither did anyone else that came for the 1st time! No one comes having the strength to do Pole Fitness, which is why attending classes helps. You will GAIN the upper body strength!

2. “I am too old”
Well, then maybe you should just call the nursing home now and reserve a room (JUST KIDDING) no one is too old to take a class, in fact our average student is 37 years old. We have a fantastic mix of ages from early 20’s to late 60’s and no one feels out of place.

3. “I don’t have any Dance or Gymnastic background”
Neither does 1/2 of the people that attend classes! Yes, it can make some moves easier to adapt to if you have been taught the proper methods of Dance or Gymnastics, but most of the people in class haven’t done those type of activities since they were kids, they are learning everything just like you are.

4. “I don’t have anyone to go with me”
You don’t need anyone! The minute you walk in the door you will feel welcomed and you will make new friends and have a support system of others in the same class as you. Many of the Students gain life-long friendships from people they met in class. You don’t need a friend to go with you, you will make friends.

5. “I am not fit enough” or ” I am too fat”
It is very rare to have someone walk into their 1st class in great shape. You attend classes to GET FIT and lose weight, don’t worry about being in great shape when you start, it will come with time and dedication. Most women that attend classes notice a change in their bodies after only 4 classes.

6. “I can’t afford it”
Yes, attending classes’ costs money, but they real question is not if you can afford it, instead the question is can you afford not to do it? The average person spends $15 a week on extras that they don’t need, but purchased anyways like gourmet coffees, snacks and impulse purchases. Just make a commitment to yourself that $15 a week goes towards your health and well being and attend classes with our Limited Membership ($59 a month) The cost is under $15 a week and you can attend up to 4 classes a month. Of course we have other options and prices if you want to come more often, but just start with a minimum commitment and see how it goes.

7. “I don’t have the time”
Start with just 1 class (1 hour) a week. Your family will realize how happy and excited you are after classes and they will see that it is important to help you find the time.
This is a recent email from one of our members and a BUSY single mother showing how much one-hour a week can really do for you!
“As you know, my schedule sucks. I have 1 night each week that I don’t need to do dinner, dishes, laundry, homework, martial arts, gymnastics, therapy, bath times and bedtimes. Basically, 1 night each week to get my head back on straight and take a deep breath. Every other night is taken up by being a single Mom and trying to keep everything together. I know with my availability I’m never going to be one of the monkey’s up there moving from trick to trick on the pole. That’s not what I’m there for. (although, it does really get to me once and awhile) I’m there to do something just for myself, not for my kids, parents or significant other. It’s my selfish time, and I like it.
The girls are great, and sometimes the only people I talk to during the week that I don’t feel the need to watch what I say around. (Curse words and naughty comments are 100% ok) The women that attend/teach your classes are inspirational. Those are the type of people I want to surround myself with. Even if it’s just once a week. Thank you for everything!”

8. “Pole Dancing is for Strippers”
This one is a sensitive subject for me… and I tend to lose my cool when I hear people say that women who do pole dance for FITNESS are just strippers or wanna be strippers. I guess the reason I feel so frustrated by this type of narrow minded thinking is because I am not a Stripper and in fact….. out of the 857 women (as of the date this was published) that have attended classes at the Pole Barn Studio, I have only been aware of two (2) that were once upon a time a Stripper. I think you would have better odds asking a random 100 women on the street if they had ever stripped and finding more that way then you would finding a current or past stripper in one of our classes, or teaching a class. Now let me also say this… I don’t find anything wrong with the profession and anyone that does it for income to support their family!
The ladies that attend classes and teach classes (to my knowledge) are not strippers and to suggest we are, is offensive based on Societies judgments and use of the word in a negative way! I am a mother, a professional business woman and I consider myself to be a very active member of my community, I just also happen to be someone that enjoys Fitness using a Pole as my piece of equipment. The word STRIPPER is used in a degrading way by society and by suggesting we are all strippers…. you are degrading us. Might I also add that women who do Zumba dancing in many ways dance sexier than we do and wear less clothes. Pole Fitness is a Sport, it is a Aerobic Activity and a form of Fitness, lets start treating it and the women who do it with respect!

9. “Everyone else is a natural at it”
No, we started at the same level as you and the only reason we make it look “easy” is because we practice. I have never seen one person grab the pole and just start whipping out spins and tricks properly. To do Pole Fitness naturally isn’t a reality, we work hard to learn the moves, gain flexible and strength, which helps us make it look like they come naturally to us.

10. “I will feel out of place”
Let me tell you about a women’s body image, NOT ONE woman feels great about how they look, its drilled into us from the first barbie doll that we see…. we need to be skinny, tall, well endowed and have long blond hair and pointed toes (or heels on) with the best clothes and makeup. Let’s now get back to reality…. everyone has cellulite and some extra cushion here and there and we all wish we looked better or toner or skinnier. That’s why we keep the lighting down to a low level in class and that’s why we all are encouraging and non-judgmental. You may “THINK” you’ll feel out of place, but the minute you walk into class and see that we all have the same struggles with our bodies and confident, you will know you are in the “RIGHT” PLACE!

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