Open Dance Academy

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All our classes will provide you with LIFETIME ACCESS — no more recurring payments
Hundreds of video lessons from the World’s best athletes
Featuring Evgeny Greshilov, Kira Noire, Marion Crampe, Maddie Sparkle, Dmitry Politov, Olga Trifonova, Natasha Wang and more!
New Instructors and lessons are added all the time
Open Dance Academy is the pole dancing instructional community that you’ve always dreamed of. We go beyond online pole dancing lessons — we are much more than that! Join the global dance movement learn pole dance online. Erase the boundaries, dance everywhere, express yourself, share your emotions with the rest of the world.

Pole dancing is an art form of fitness that combines choreography and acrobatics. Just like any other art form, it has changed appearances – new moves, new faces, and new takes on old information. Just like in any dance activity, it has incredible fitness benefits – increases strength, develops incredible flexibility and of course you don’t use all that muscle for nothing, and those legs that you admire so much could be on you soon! Exercising in general produces endorphins, which make you a happy camper – however, pole dancing is much more emotional than simply a source of happy feelings.

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