Part 22 | Plus size taytay haul, plus size teenage clothing haul, plus size pole dancing, pole dance

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Photos of models plus size in 2019. The most famous fat models. Clothing for women plus size The most seductive photos of thick models. Models plus size, who are not shy of his body.

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We like to help all those plus size women to find outfits that can satisfy them

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My goal is not to promote nudity or sexual content. Just we make all these videos and photos to help plus size women find attractive outfits ideas and body image.

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Pole Dancing Progress & Drama???

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People will forever judge you so why not do what you want anyway?
Check out the latest tea & my pole dancing progress!
People will forever judge you so why not do what you want anyway?

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My Anorexia & Pole Dancing Story

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3 years Anniversary at Pole Infinity, the day I also shared my video – i am grateful to anyone who ever believed in me & shared my story – What a journey I’ve been on but I would not be alive today without Karen Baldwin she has got me through things nobody will ever know or understand but family, Thank you for being my inspiration & coming into my life helping me start this journey I never new was possible & never did I think I would ever be alive to this day & make it this far in my journey, you are the most special person to come in my life the reason I am still alive today I couldn’t ever have done it on my own without a therapist / instructor like you to me you are the best in the world I am so lucky & I have such a special place in my heart for you always & forever – just shows you can do anything by focusing on what you love & not focusing on numbers on scales – challenge your body before it challenges you – lastly i just want to add one thing my Daddy taught me it was to never give up, he is my Hero, My fighter, I know he will be proud of me from heaven. ??❤️ Xxx

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