Pole Dancer Flaunts Her Colostomy Bag

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A pole dancer is flaunting her colostomy bag to defy the nurse that told her she’d never be able to wear pretty bikinis after surgery.

Chloe Wilson, 22 – who was days from death when she opted to have her entire colon removed – was devastated when a nurse told her she should rethink her decision.

She went on to warn Chloe that she would ‘never be able to wear pretty bikinis like her friends’ as her colostomy bag would be on show.

After battling crippling stomach cramps since being a teenager, she was only diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a long-term condition where the colon and rectum become inflamed, last March.

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China’s oldest pole dancer wows America

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Meet Dai Dali, the 79-year-old pole-dancing pensioner who became an overnight sensation after performing pole dancing on the “China’s Got Talent” show in 2012.

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We Teach Our Kids To Pole Dance

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A pole dancing couple are not only practicing with their kids, but performing as a five-piece. Jake Night and Lindsey Teall had both performed as exotic dancers when they met and fell in love, but they had no idea that they would pass on their talents to their three children, aged ten, five and three. With a pole set up in the living room, the close-knit family can practice their pole tricks anytime they like, as well as prepare for their performances as a quintet. While Jake and Lindsey have no concerns about their children pole dancing, classifying it as a ‘sport’, and denying it is sexual, they’ve received a torrent of abuse online for their lifestyle choice. To follow their story, visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYqbz19LiEdFwtwZrxjQ-GQ

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This Joburg Woman Started Pole Dancing to Lose Weight Now She’s SA’s Champion HIRES

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12 years ago, Johannesburg native Julie Fowler wanted to lose weight and decided to take up pole-dancing.

She lost 10kg and fell in love with the sport, which combines dance and acrobatics.

In 2018, the 36-year old was crowned SA’s pole sports champion.

In July she will travel to Spain to compete in the World Pole Sports Championship.

She will compete with 41 athletes in the pole sports division.

She teaches pole dance, yoga, and aerial acrobatics in her studio called Vertical Vixen, based in Randburg.
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